Our Products

1. CAP - Credit Appraisal Process

Credit appraisal system is a smart banking system to analyze credit worthiness of a borrower. Application helps to discover the risks associated with the extension of the credit facility.

2. CreditOne - Credit Report Service

One of the most important responsibilities of our organization is to provide loans to eligible and deserving people by using our CREDIT ONE Application. Details of all loan accounts held by the individual (open or closed) are available in application.

3. MBS - Micro Finance

Powerful & easy-to-use finance software that takes care of your microfinance business. Yuvaa Finance software is a tool to manage a large number of microloans, loans, and repayment on a daily, weekly & monthly basis.

4. CBS - Retail Banking

CBS is a comprehensive and centralized software solution that facilitates the fundamental banking operations of financial institutions like banks and credit unions.

5. Transactions

Our transaction application helps organizations that accept online payment methods to create payment services. These methods include NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, UPI, Bank Transfer, Mobile App, QR code.

6. ELC – HR

App refers to the various stages an employee goes through during their tenure with an organization, from initial contact to eventual departure. Managing the employee life cycle effectively is essential for Human Resources (HR) departments to ensure a positive employee experience and optimize organizational performance.

7. XpertResource

Application objective is to literate the candidates with proper training courses and help employers to recruit people with absolute knowledge. Candidates can then explore multiple job applications and also have maximum chances to perceive in the Co-operative & Microfinance industry.

9. Employee Performance Management

This app refers to an effective performance management system to align individual employee goals with the overall objectives of the organization, provide feedback and coaching, recognize and reward achievements, and identify areas for improvement.


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