Objective Of AIT

To Develop Strategic IT investment infrastructure for effective business organizations worldwide also banking system In India and to take them to next level by developing every aspect of business as statergy, Infrastructure, Resources, Implementation of SOP through AIT trending technologies.

Importance Of Business Intelligence Technology

Maintaining your competitive advantage can be challenging when customer expectations keep changing banking services. We help you streamline processes more effective and statergies solutions that grow your business and keep customers at the center of your oragnization.

AIT-The Strategic IT Investment

We help you make important decisions regarding profitability, Operations and workforce. We advise you on Strategic level decision in an unbaised fashion approach using deep Industry knowledge and trending development of technology to deliver the best result.

Our Strategic IT plan establishes a direction for your business to ensure profitability.

Therefore, we assist your organization in setting appropriate goals and objectives and assisting everyone in directing their efforts towards achieving them. We also handle end-to-end technology using the following process flow.

Board Of Directors

Mr.Sudhanshu Sharma

Chairman - Aarohiinfo Group

Mr. Jeevan Joshi

Executive Director

Mr. Anil Kulkarni

Managing Director-AFIML

Mr. Naresh Naikwadi

Deputy Executive Director-AFIML

Our Achivements

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